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Pure Milk is a myth in India!

Today the “milk” that reaches millions of households in India every morning, is a far, far cry from the real, pure milk our families should be consuming. A recent study by India Food Safety Regulator, found that 68.4% of milk samples examined didn’t meet its standards. A whopping 68.4%!

At best the milk we consume is diluted with water, skimmed milk powder or sweetners. Detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide and even Urea is not uncommon additives in the milk we consume. The most alarming findings came from West Bengal, Orissa and Jharkhand, where detergent was found in all milk samples examined by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.


This is 1980. A crisp, cool morning greets us. There is an ever so slight fragrance of blossoms permeating the fresh morning air. A light fog hangs around the undulating green fields and a verdant grove of trees. The local Doodhwaala, snugly wrapped in a light shawl, lazily cycles his way to the village. Two canisters of the freshest, purest and creamiest milk cling on to either side of his bicycle. He arrives to eagerly waiting customers. The lady of the house is happy with today’s produce!

A joyful sight for the young ones! Glasses of milk are passed around… the young ones hungrily gulp it down, in a race to claim the title of the creamiest milk moustache! Satisfaction!

This was the morning we woke up to. Our past had purity, innocence; simple joys existed. We had open skies, green grass and fresh air. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

All our milk, is 100% produced on site at our Farm. Our Dairy Farm is in Bagdogra, Siliguri with about 100 cows producing rich, creamy milk. This is the only way we can assure you that, only the best quality ingredients are going into the feed. Good feed means good milk with all the essential nutrients that are so important to your health.

We believe the in retaining the freshness of pure milk. The milk we package and distribute is raw, unprocessed, natural, cow milk. It is milked mere hours before reaching your doorstep ensuring that it is the freshest possible. It is not pasteurized or standardized. There is nothing added to the milk and nothing is removed from the milk. It is how Mother Nature intended it to be. Which is why we recommend that you boil the milk for 5 minutes before consumption.

It is really simple, all you need to do is fill up the subscription form and your subscription starts from the date of your choice. Give us a call on our customer care number +91 96098 56781 or go to the “Contact Us” section drop a message with your contact details and “Subscribe” in the subject. We will take it from there. There is no upfront payment needed! Simple!

There is no deposit or upfront payment needed to subscribe to our Milk. Once your subscription starts our representative will present you with a bill, at the end of 30 days. You are requested to pay the bill within 5 days of receiving it. Please insist on a proper receipt on making a payment. Also, feel free to call up on our customer care to know your unbilled usage. No hassles no worries!

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Essbee Milk is a young, energetic organization, driven by passion and the perseverance to excel. We believe in creating new avenues where none existed, we believe in providing what is best for our customer. We are part of the larger Essbee Group of Companies, which has diversified interests in Travel & Leisure, Retail, Resorts, Dental Clinics, Distribution and Service Delivery & Operations.

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