This is 1980. A crisp, cool morning greets us. There is an ever so slight fragrance of blossoms permeating the fresh morning air. A light fog hangs around the undulating green fields and a verdant grove of trees. The local Doodhwaala, snugly wrapped in a light shawl, lazily cycles his way to the village. Two canisters of the freshest, purest and creamiest milk cling on to either side of his bicycle. He arrives to eagerly waiting customers. The lady of the house is happy with today’s produce!

A joyful sight for the young ones! Glasses of milk are passed around… the young ones hungrily gulp it down, in a race to claim the title of the creamiest milk moustache! Satisfaction!

This was the morning we woke up to. Our past had purity, innocence; simple joys existed. We had open skies, green grass and fresh air. Our food, our water, our daily bread was pure. Values existed.

Today, unfortunately, Milk is a victim of our changing value system. The purity is lost. Health has been sacrificed to profits.

Our endeavor, through our brand Doodhwaale, is to bring back a slice of our past! The Good Old times – when our milk was pure and full-bodied, when our milk was creamy and full of goodness! Doodhwaale brings back the good old milk packaged in a smart, young and fun pack!

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